Things to do- Mijnterril in Heusden

Ten minutes’ drive from B&BNumber5.

Heusden-Zolder used to be in the middle of the Limburg mining area.

The mine slag heap originated as a waste mountain from the mines in Heusden and offers a beautiful view of the area.

On the mine slag heap – a nature reserve of 124 hectares and at an altitude of 85 meters above the surroundings – you will find special vegetation. The mountain contains a lot of slate and shale: hard rock types but very rich in minerals.

The mining slag heap is accessible from sunrise to sunset. A walking route has been mapped out so that you can fully enjoy the nature and the beautiful view.

More information : Mijnterril Heusden-Zolder

take a walk in the mijnterril in Heusden just near  BenB Number5
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