Things to do- Herkenrode Abbey

Herkenrode Abbey is a 5-minute drive from B&B Number5

Herkenrode Abbey is an excursion which guarantees a varied and fascinating experience in which nature and heritage go hand in hand. This green domain, near Hasselt, is a calming oasis with a nod to its rich past.

The Experience Center immerses you completely in the history of this unique site. But Herkenrode Abbey Site is more than just history.

The Herb and Inspiration Garden, which is two hectares in size, is best described as a contemporary herb park. So, instead of an abbey garden or a reproduction of one, we find a modern garden which includes very special architecture.

The Artwork piece called ‘The Silent View’ invites you to relax, and during the many activities available, the whole area just brims with life.

Moreover, the Herkenrode Abbey site bears the title ‘the gate to De Wijers’. It is therefore the ideal starting point for a walk or bike ride. You will notice that a lot is possible here, nothing is obligatory, and everything is tailored to the needs of both adults and children.

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Herkenrode Abbey is nearby Bed and Breakfast Nummer5adbdij Herkenrode op enkele minuten van B&B Nummer5
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